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Conductive Hearing Loss: Signs, Causes, and Treatments

In Hearing Loss by Paula Castanon

Conductive hearing loss (CHL) is the result of damage to the outer or middle ear that prevents sound energy from traveling to the fluid within the cochlea. In general, the cochlea is responsible for transforming the vibrations of the cochlear fluids into neural signals that ultimately result in the ability to hear. This type of …

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Can Hearing Loss Be Cured?

In Hearing Loss, Hearing Loss Treatment by Paula Castanon

Hearing loss is a distressing problem, especially if you have been able to hear well most of your life. Sometimes hearing loss even occurs in very young people, and that is particularly distressing to parents because they know that their children will have to adapt. Hearing loss in young adulthood is uncommon, but it does …

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Ear Infections & Hearing Loss

In Ear Health, Uncategorized by Paula Castanon

An ear infection, also known as acute otitis, is a disease that occurs in the middle ear, which is located behind the eardrum that contains tiny vibrating bones of the ear. In most cases, infections of the ear heal on their own, although when treatment is necessary, it may start by managing the pain and …

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Can Hearing Aids Be “Stylish”?

In Hearing Aids Category by Paula Castanon

Hearing aids, unlike glasses, are not known to be fashion-forward or stylish, but that just might be a thing of the past! Because hearing loss is becoming a more recognized, prevalent health condition, an entire industry dedicated to better hearing devices is now flourishing and taking consumer feedback for aesthetics and technology. Technological advances now …

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Improving Communication with Your Family

In Communication by Paula Castanon

When one person in the family suffers from hearing loss its effects ripple out to everyone and radiates through to all levels of communication. It can be more than just challenging at times and can increase frustrations and create unforeseen stumbling blocks. However, when everyone is in agreement to approach the situation with techniques to …

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September is World Alzheimer’s Month

In Uncategorized by Paula Castanon

September has been designated as a month dedicated to raising the public awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. Make September a month of empowerment through education and information. At All Ear Doctors, we are concerned primarily with the link between hearing loss and dementia – and Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. Understanding Alzheimer’s …

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Nutrients That Boost Your Hearing Health

In Health by Paula Castanon

Our hearing health is usually the last item on our agenda of our overall health regimen. Let’s turn this around by focusing on our diet to elevate our hearing health and enjoying all the benefits that come with a healthy diet. Our sense of hearing is subject to a daily dose of noise pollution, poor …

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Earbud Use Could Harm Your Hearing

In Noise-induced Hearing Loss by Paula Castanon

In this day and age, we enjoy being mobile and wireless and hands-free, while staying connected and entertained. We can travel and listen to our favorite music, watch movies and read our choice of books on the same device. As we take advantage of technological advances for recreational use, we also expose ourselves to some …

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Treating Hearing Loss Helps You Stay Socially Connected

In Family & Relationships by Paula Castanon

We spend our lives making connections with others because we are “social animals”. Through our friends, family members, children and work colleagues we tend to thrive via social circles and intimate connections with others. Our desire to communicate with others, to share experiences and activities is one of the foundations of our humanity. As the …

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The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aid Technology by Paula Castanon

Bluetooth is not just merely a buzzword – it’s an awesome type of technology that can benefit our lives! Bluetooth has been around since the early ’90s and at this point has reached a level of sophistication that goes beyond recreational use. The pace of technological advancements when we speak of hearing aids is moving …