keeping our patients, staff and community safe.


Services offered to keep you safe.

  • Curbside services. Drive up, call us 714-848-2222, we will come to your car.
  • Tele-visit call to schedule a phone visit. No charge to you. 714-848-2222
  • In-office visits with only one patient at a time. No crowded waiting room.
  • Supplies mailed to your home. Call today 714-848-2222.

Front Door Screening

  • All patients get hand sanitized prior to entering the office.
  • We screen patients at the front door prior to entering the office for fever, viral symptoms or recent travel.
  • We screen patients at the front door prior to entering the office for any exposure to anyone with presumed or diagnosed COVID-19.
  • We ask all non-essential family members not to come to the office and wait in their automobile. Only necessary care takers, please.
  • Magazines are removed from our waiting rooms and exam rooms.


  • Please use Tele-visit (telephone) when able. There is no charge. 714-848-2222
  • Please use Tele-visit if you have underlying serious medical conditions such as compromised respiratory system, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, severe hypertension, liver disease, kidney disease, internal malignancies and immunosuppression.
  • If you develop Emergency Warning signs get medical attention immediately. § Difficulty breathing / Chest pain or pressure / Fever / Cough / New confusion / inability to arouse / Bluish face or lips § This list is not all-inclusive. Please consult your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning.
  • High Risk Patients: Age >60yo / Smokers § Low immune state / Underlying malignancy § Heart disease / Lung disease / Kidney disease / Liver disease § Diabetes / High Blood Pressure. Please use our curbside or tele-visit services.

Phone Screening

  • We screen patient over the telephone the day before their appointment to screen for illness or travel


  • Our staff is well educated on proper hygiene and infection prevention.
  • Wipe all high-touch areas § Between patients / Beginning and end of each day
  • We daily send home any staff exhibiting even mild symptoms.
sick emoji

Feeling sick?

If you have signs of a fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, please quarantine yourself.


Recent travel?

essential persons

Come with only essential persons.