Nutrients That Boost Your Hearing Health

Nutrients That Boost Your Hearing Health

In Health by Paula Castanon

Paula Castanon

Our hearing health is usually the last item on our agenda of our overall health regimen. Let’s turn this around by focusing on our diet to elevate our hearing health and enjoying all the benefits that come with a healthy diet.

Our sense of hearing is subject to a daily dose of noise pollution, poor living practices, unwholesome diet and medications which can culminate in our hearing decline. Most people don’t even attend to hearing needs even after being assessed and diagnosed! Ignoring hearing impairment leads to irreversible damage. Currently, we have more access to public health issues, information and resources which we can use to change such a negative outcome by simply starting with our diet!

Vitamin C

It is the most well-known vitamin of all, there are many reasons we love our Vitamin C. It is found in some of our favorite citrus and tropical fruits like oranges, strawberries, kiwi and papaya. Colorful vegetables such as red and green bell peppers and tomatoes that are delicious raw or grilled are another source. Last but not least, are winter squash, spinach, broccoli and cabbage that are packed with the vitamin that protects our immune system, maintains the health of our bones and provides us with powerful antioxidants.

Studies in lab animals and humans respectively, have shown benefits for hearing health. Intake of Vitamin C via diet, has been proven to provide greater protection from high decibel exposure for the nerve the nerve that connects our hearing to our brain. It has also been proven to reduce the effects of sudden hearing loss in promoting the restoration of blood flow within the inner ear by over 60%.

Vitamins A and E

Think of sunflower seed as snacks, almonds as part of your breakfast, avocados in your salad or wraps, sweet potatoes and butternut squash as healthy sides for main meals and you have great tasting options of Vitamin E intake. Think of spinach omelettes, carrots and broccoli smothered in grass-fed butter, and you have some ideas on how to get your Vitamin A!

Sources of vitamins through dietary intake is really the best way to nourish yourself. Vitamin A and E are a powerful combination with a heavy punch of antioxidants ready to deliver. A study published in 2011, have shown that the effects of the Vitamin A and E over a five-year period resulted in almost 50% reduction in hearing impairment!

Folate (Vitamin B-9) and Vitamin B-12

Grilled asparagus, your favorite 3-bean chili, spinach salad punctuated with sliced hard-boiled eggs equal the makings of some great nutrient rich meals packed with folate.

According to studies published as far back as 1999 to 2004, results have shown that a lower level of folate is directly correlated to higher levels of hearing loss in both men and women!

When there is a lack of both vitamins it results in a lack of blood flow. This results in lack of blood flow to the important part of the ear called the cochlear which is instrumental in conducting signals to our brain for the translation of sound. Vitamin B-12 can be found in supplements for vegans and vegetarians, and quite easily and in plentiful amounts in poultry, dairy and meats.

 Omega-3 Fatty acids

Salmon raised in the wild and baked in foil with slices of lemon and a garlic rub, walnuts in your home-made trail mix, lamb chops and steak from grass fed sources are some delicious and powerful meals for a potent Omega-3 filled meal. You can lower age-related hearing loss or presbycusis by over 40% if you have 2 to 3 servings of Omega-3 rich meals a week!

Feeling better by eating better and being proactive about our health is something we all aspire to. Why not focus on nourishing the sense we rely upon so heavily to communicate and bond with those we love?

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