The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aid Technology by Paula Castanon

Paula Castanon

Bluetooth is not just merely a buzzword – it’s an awesome type of technology that can benefit our lives! Bluetooth has been around since the early ’90s and at this point has reached a level of sophistication that goes beyond recreational use. The pace of technological advancements when we speak of hearing aids is moving forward fast. Consumers are becoming very savvy and those of us that are proactive about our hearing health are already on board!

We are all aware that hearing loss is a major public health concern and we are surrounded by educational and informational venues to address it. Getting a hearing assessment and using hearing aids when properly diagnosed and correctly fitted, is one

way we can manage hearing decline.

What can Bluetooth add to the already burgeoning field of hearing aids and hearing devices and how does it elevate our hearing experience?

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is based on the use of high-frequency radio waves. These waves, when emitted, can transfer information securely and with little vulnerability to corruption. That, to begin with, is one of the major selling points of Bluetooth when it is used in conjunction with hearing aids. It has the ability to deliver the most concise and secure radio signals which in turn we register as sound!

The sound of speech is clearer against a backdrop of noise and we are able to modify its frequencies to suit our specific needs without reverberations or extraneous noises filtering in.


There is a device called a streamer that you can use if your hearing aids are not Bluetooth enabled. It pairs with your hearing aid and other listening devices for better mobility. The streamer can be worn around the neck or placed in your pocket. It gives you the distance of a little over 30 feet for a hands-free experience. The device establishes a link between the wireless technology of Bluetooth and those with compatible technology. It uses electromagnetic waves to transmit information from one device via the streamer to any others that are it is paired with.


The IOS and Android platforms use Bluetooth to pair with suitable hearing aids so that we can program our music or mobile calls to one hearing aid earbud, thereby giving us another option for extra mobility without the interference of annoying wires.


Bluetooth technology is based on a universal protocol. This enables it to be used across multiple devices irrespective of manufacturers and their brands. This allows hearing aid users to focus on the best hearing aids for their needs.

Bluetooth hearing aids give us the flexibility and the control to program our hearing needs as we encounter a variety of environments. We can speak on a mobile phone, focus on the speech of a loved one in a noisy restaurant or enjoy the sound of a concert at our whim. At home, we can designate our devices for streaming movies, music, and phone calls simultaneously and with the tap of a button.

Secure and stable

The very nature of Bluetooth technology and its delivery gives us the most consistent transfer of sound, a lessening of background noise, the ability to focus on speech for better communication and extraneous hissing sounds are eliminated. The dropout of signals is also lessened as is any interference of transmission.

The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders states: “About 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from using hearing aids.” Detection of hearing loss is the first step towards prevention. Hearing aids that are prescribed early on can mitigate the process of hearing decline.

If you’re interested in improved accessibility with Bluetooth, get informed about streamers and the new apps launched by Google for enhanced hearing. Apple and Android platforms have Bluetooth technology geared specifically for people with hearing loss.

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